Whispers of Our Forgotten, or WOOF, is an Animal Rescue.

We RESCUE, FOSTER, ADOPT and EDUCATE the public on proper care of rescue animals.


Our Mission

Whispers of Our Forgotten Animal Rescue is founded on the principle that no animal should leave this world feeling unwanted, unloved or alone. We believe in adoption rather than purchase. Educating the public on responsible ownership, spay and neuter to prevent further overpopulation and proper training and socialization, we believe, are key.

We are run solely by dedicated volunteers and donations we receive from our supporters.

We are foster based, each animal we bring under our wing will be treated as a member of the fosters family and nurtured back to health, both physically and emotionally, in an attempt to find it a forever home where it will never again feel the pain of hunger, the loneliness for companionship and attention nor the heartache of not being loved. At Whispers of our Forgotten, we love and care, unconditionally, for all our rescue animals - not just the healthy ones as we take in those that have been abused, neglected, have broken bones, open wounds, mange, heartworm or are emaciated.

Once rehabilitated by our dedicated volunteers, through their unwavering love and hard work, one can not deny the insurmountable wealth of love and dedication these animals have for all mankind.

What We've Achieved

  • Countless of homes found for needy animals
  • Rehabilitation of animals by our dedicated volunteers
  • Hundreds of social media followers dedicated to the cause
  • Happy families with pets integrated as new members of the family
  • Events dedicated to the education of the public about responsible adoption
  • Growing network of partners